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Hermetix: Leading the Way in Hermetically Sealing Electronic Devices with Cutting-Edge Technology

Hermetix is a renowned provider of hermetic packages, specializing in the art of hermetically sealing electronic devices. With a commitment to excellence, Hermetix utilizes advanced technology and high-end testing equipment to deliver superior quality products. Their team of engineers has gained national recognition for their efforts, holding an impressive 38 patents for their innovative projects. When it comes to hermetically sealing electronic devices, Hermetix is the name you can trust.

Hermetic Packages Manufactured with Cutting-Edge Technology

Hermetix understands the importance of precision and reliability in hermetic sealing. To achieve this, they employ state-of-the-art technology in their manufacturing process. Their hermetic packages are created using cutting-edge techniques that ensure a secure and airtight seal for electronic devices. By utilizing advanced methods of hermetic sealing, Hermetix guarantees the protection and longevity of the enclosed electronic components.

High-End Testing Equipment for Quality Assurance

Hermetix leaves no room for compromise when it comes to quality. They utilize top-of-the-line testing equipment to ensure the reliability and performance of their hermetic packages. COXEM scanning electron microscopes (SEM) and Vötschtechnik test chambers are among the high-end tools employed by Hermetix. These advanced instruments allow for precise analysis and meticulous testing, ensuring that each hermetic package meets the highest standards of quality and integrity.

Technical Patents: A Testament to Innovation

Hermetix’s team of engineers has made significant contributions to the field of hermetic sealing. Their dedication to innovation has resulted in 38 patented projects, gaining national attention for their technical expertise. These patents serve as a testament to Hermetix’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of hermetic sealing technology. With their innovative approach and continuous pursuit of excellence, Hermetix remains at the forefront of the industry.


Hermetix stands as a trusted partner for hermetically sealing electronic devices. With their utilization of cutting-edge technology and high-end testing equipment, they deliver hermetic packages of superior quality and reliability. The team’s extensive technical expertise, backed by an impressive portfolio of 38 patented projects, further highlights their commitment to innovation. When it comes to hermetic sealing, Hermetix is the industry leader that you can rely on for secure and long-lasting protection of your electronic devices.

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