Avoiding Health Risks from Air Conditioning

Air conditioners offer many benefits for homeowners and have few drawbacks. However, there are some things you can do to ensure that your entire household is comfortable. The ductless air conditioner allows you to enjoy a controlled indoor climate like no other HVAC system.

These tips will help you ensure that your ducted system works properly.

Conduct an annual clean of your vents

To keep their AC circulating clean air, some people might consider changing their filters. When was the last time your vents were cleaned? This can be done by hiring an HVAC company or you could do it yourself. If you aren’t comfortable handling your HVAC, don’t touch it.

You can do the job yourself if you have a screwdriver or power drill, a vacuum, cleaning cloth and towels. While wiping off the dust particles, turn the fan on and push them out of your vents. The next tip is to make sure you change the filters after the fan has been turned off.

Modify the Filters

If you are using filters that are not temporary, you will need to replace them according to the manufacturer’s lifetime. This could be as short as one month. Some may last up to half a year. You’ll need a new filter if you clean your ducts.

Filters prevent harmful particles from entering your home. Filters are essential to prevent you from getting sick and resulting in a worse indoor air quality. Good filters won’t be wasted after a month. Filters that have been cleaned well are even better. Don’t forget about removing them after the expiration of their use. The same thing as running your AC without a filter is a filter that has reached its expiration date.

Use filters for the Vents

Vent filters are tiny covers that can be placed either on the outside or behind the air ducts. If you don’t have the resources to clean your ducts, they are a good alternative. Vent filters can be used even after you have cleaned the vents. They prevent dust particles from building up in the vents, even if the AC isn’t running.

You can also remove the duct cover to change them. Some brands use an adhesive at the edges to prevent debris from sticking to the filter.

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Keep Your Temperature in Check

Many of the symptoms that are associated with AC systems malfunctioning are not caused by temperature. People sometimes mistakenly believe that the thermostat should be set higher to prevent the air from becoming too cold.

The sniffles are not caused by cool air. It could be particulates or dirty filters and ducts that cause the smell. Drafts from the air moving out of the vents can cause irritation, particularly if the inside air is dry. This can be stopped by a humidifier, which keeps the moisture content constant and makes breathing easier for everyone.

These tips will work for you. You will find the one that stops you from getting allergic reactions.

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