Discover the most effective methods of predicting and remembering lottery numbers

Silver remembers the lottery is one of the keys that opens the door to victory. To have a more effective lottery strategy, you need to understand clearly about memory cards and the detailed application of this method. In the following article, New88vinet will introduce to you what lottery numbers are and experiences to help you predict lottery numbers effectively.

What is lottery memory?

Silver lottery is a method of discovery through statistics. The goal is to detect repeating sequences of numbers according to a specific pattern. This method focuses on the use of statistics, opening up the possibility of flexible combination with other screening methods. In particular, if you are pursuing a day-based or frame-based lottery strategy, the lottery memory card is a useful reference.

This method of remembering gives players a higher chance of winning. By keeping track of the numbers that have appeared in previous draws, players can optimize their chances by choosing numbers that tend to appear frequently.

Effective experience of predicting silver and remembering lottery numbers

Diversifying your gambling strategy plays an important role in helping you have more chances to win. Some effective methods for divining memory include:

Method to calculate lottery memory according to special prize

Calculating memory according to special prizes is a unique and easy-to-implement strategy. Here is the correct way to calculate the winnings according to the special prize:

First, you need to observe the results of the previous day’s special prize and note down the total of the numbers in that prize.

Then, you sum the numbers noted and apply the following rule:

  • If the sum is 1, predict the sum will be 7 the next day.
  • If the sum is 2, predict the total will be 9.
  • If the sum is 3, predict the sum will be 0.
  • If the total is 4, predict the total will be 3.
  • If the sum is 5, predict the sum will be 4 or 6.
  • If the sum is 6, predict the total will be 8.
  • If the total is 7, predict the total will be 2.
  • If the sum is 8, predict the sum will be 0 or 7.
  • If the sum is 9, predict the total will be 5.
  • If the sum is 10, predict the sum will be 1.

Method for calculating lottery memory by day

The method of calculating memory by day is a special strategy that many players trust. By tracking the frequency of numbers appearing in previous days, players look for hidden patterns.

For example, if a sequence of numbers ABCD appears and today is lottery A, then in the coming days there may be B or CD. This strategy brings acumen and efficiency to players who master how it works.

Calculate lottery memory according to double lotteries

In research on memory loss, a unique strategy that is attracting attention is calculating lottery memory using double lots. This is not only a method that requires extensive understanding and practical experience, but also focuses on drawing silent double lots to predict lottery results. This tactic is not only effective but also provides the highest accuracy.


  • Drawing silent double lotteries: Prediction experts often use the method of drawing silent double lotteries to determine the winning bet according to the next day’s double lotteries. This process is based on the recently appeared silent double lotteries and creates certainty in prediction.
  • Statistics and analysis: By reviewing the statistical results of recently appeared double lotteries, players can find the right numbers. At the same time, pay attention to double lottery numbers that have not returned for a long time to increase your winning rate.
  • Track silent double numbers: Statistics on silent double numbers and observe the time they do not appear, helping players identify the rules behind them. Monitoring for 7-20 days can be key to detecting hidden patterns.


The pair 00 is usually related to 55, the pair 11 is related to 66, and the pair 22 is related to 77. When identifying this pair of double numbers, the player can increase their bets on the corresponding pair of double numbers the next day.
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Calculate memory in batches of 2 flashes

The strategy of calculating lottery numbers based on 2 blinks is also a quite popular method. This is an extension of the first method, with a focus on statistics and determining the appropriate number based on the 2-click lot model.


  • Double-win lot statistics: Pay attention to recent double-win lot results, and look at the days when double-win lot numbers appear to identify trends and patterns.
  • Determine the right number: Find the next number in the 2-win lottery sequence and use it to play in the next period.
  • Number farming: Choose the number you find and play it within the next 3 days, based on your lottery memory according to the 2-win lottery.

What should you pay attention to when looking for silver memory?

During the process of looking for silver and memory, some things to keep in mind are as follows:

  • If previously, the Northern results table appeared a pair of winning numbers (a mixed lottery pair), then the probability of accuracy is higher when compared to the case of only one winning number. This means that if the pair of numbers that appeared last time did not win, there is a high chance that it will appear the next day, especially if yesterday’s pair of numbers continues to appear.
  • However, it is important not to culture the bridge for more than 2 days, because then the opportunity to monitor and evaluate the results will be lost. Keeping a certain time frame helps avoid missing a beat and keeps your prediction strategy flexible and effective.

Lottery memory is an interesting and important aspect of lottery. By using numbers theory and smart tactics, players can increase their chances of winning atNew88 lottery. Let’s join and apply the useful strategies that New88 has compiled above right away.

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