Technology trends to dominate law firm management by 2023

The wide spread of COVID-19 pandemic, and its continuing effects in terms of lockdowns and restrictions, made it a crucial juncture in technology adoption across various industries. It had a profound impact on the legal industry and enabled law firms to integrate tech solutions more efficiently.

Practitioners and law firms are finally able to see and accept the value of technology. The best legal analysis software from Dazychain opens up many opportunities for firms.

After disruption in 2020, and the survival struggle in 2021 it is expected that 2022 will see the integration of technology into the otherwise rigid law world. Automation and tech solutions have helped companies realize how they can improve their productivity and efficiency, enhance client experience, lower costs, and do more.

We have selected a few technologies that we believe will be of benefit to law firms and legal departments, in light of their increasing interest in technology.

Cloud computing solutions

Cloud computing is a powerful and versatile tool that can be used in many industries. This technology has been embraced by many law firms, independent lawyers, and corporate legal departments. They have witnessed how the technology can simplify all legal activities and make them more productive.

More than 80% of cloud-based practitioners would like to continue reaping the benefits. Cloud-based solutions have made it possible to increase the availability of firms and attorneys, as well as reducing overheads and cost. They also make communication and paperwork much more efficient and faster.

Complete legal practice management solutions

Legal practice management software is a one-stop solution that simplifies the work of law firms. These software solutions can do everything, from research to filing, documentation, alerting lawyers, and timely communication. Advanced software includes risk management and conflict checking to assist law firms in better managing their liabilities.

Solutions to client-centric legal practice

Lawyers are businesses, and client-centric strategies are an integral part of law firms’ operations. These practices are not new, but forward-thinking law firms have long followed them. This approach is being followed more strictly.

Companies are using technology solutions that are client-centric. These solutions allow them to assess the impact of every decision, evolution and enhancement as well as adaptation of processes, tools, and services.

Contract automation and virtual assistance

Many clients and prospects send legal firms and attornies questions, queries and requests that are not unusual. They also have to respond quickly to every request and query that they receive.

Practitioners and firms are eager to integrate tech solutions that use AI, machine learning and natural language processing in order to provide accurate answers almost immediately. They have adopted ‘Lawbots’ which are AI-based tools that provide legal assistance for repetitive and standard questions.

Contract management software is also used by them. It manages all types of contracts throughout their lifecycle. These solutions guarantee that contracts are kept up to date, from creation to adherence in all communications.

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