The Current FinTech Surge Is Ready to Disrupt Traditional Banking Sector

The current state of affairs shows that digital is crucial. The banking industry has seen a significant impact from the rise of mobile apps. Mobility is revolutionizing the way people bank transactions.

89% of respondents to the survey said that they use mobile banking. However, this number jumps to 97% for millennials. Source: Business Insider


Because it’s easy to use, mobile banking apps are in high demand. People trust mobile apps more than ever before.

Partnering with a trusted mobile app developer company for ebanking services will allow you to make the most of this opportunity. This company will help you to create a secure, end-to-end process while also providing a great user experience.

It is expected that 90% of smartphone users will be able to make payments via their smartphones by 2021.

It isn’t easy to choose the right partner for mobile app development. When creating a unique app for their clients, financial institutions face a few obstacles.


  1. Data Security Concerns

Banking apps are a top priority when it comes security. Banking apps must contain confidential and sensitive data. There should be no margin for error. Hackers can easily access the data by noticing even the smallest lapse. Security is therefore a top priority and must be maintained.

  1. Regulative-based Concerns

Financial industry is regulated because most policies are created by government agencies or other organizations. When creating apps, the mobile app developer company must adhere to all regulations.

There are many top mobile app developers that can offer solutions to any problem. It is crucial to find the right mobile app company that can help you achieve your goals and get great results. You can reap the benefits of skilled mobile app developers.


  1. Customer retention is easier

Mobile banking customers are more engaged than branch-only customers. You can engage customers and keep them loyal by providing instant satisfaction. Customers are more satisfied with banks when they get instant gratification.

  1. Push Notifications to Increase Loyalty

Push notifications can bring you and your customers many benefits. Reaching your customers even if they don’t use your app is crucial. You can update your customers’ accounts with relevant information and push notifications about the latest offers.

  1. Analytics is a great tool for gaining customer insight

A mobile app allows you to collect and analyze data. This allows banks to better interact with customers and improve their services. You can track customer satisfaction rates by using data such as session intervals and active users. Analyzing acquisition metrics can be done by tracking downloads and the regions with the highest downloads. Based on the most recent transactions, you can send relevant bank offers to them.

  1. Customer Support Enhanced

Mobile banking apps offer 24*7 customer service. Customers can make all their transactions via mobile banking, regardless of when the bank is open. You can attract customers’ attention by offering 24/7 services that increase customer engagement.

  1. Better Security

All security precautions are taken into consideration when building the mobile banking app. To protect your data, the mobile app developers use several layers and firewalls.

The current financial market is being disrupted by mobile banking. You can use many modern technologies to improve customer experience.


  1. Make use of Smart bots

AI Chatbot Development for Banking & Finance industry. It can resolve customer’s questions to a great degree without the intervention from humans. Chatbots allow you to offer your customers 24*7 availability. This eliminates the need for too many support personnel. Chatbots can handle complex conversations based on past requests. It also eliminates the need to wait in long lines and provides world-class service.

  1. Big Data is a way to manage the data

The banking and financial industry generate a lot of data. Financial services can use big data analytics to store and analyze data. This allows them to gain superior business insight and increase scalability. Financial institutions can use the technology to track daily online transactions and provide better investment management solutions. The business intelligence tools are able to identify potential risks associated with bank money lending. It also allows you to see the market trends and make decisions about the change or increase in interest rates.


Although it is a significant step to open your bank online, the future will see e-banking services becoming more popular. You can create a unique app that provides convenience for your users by leveraging the latest technology.

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It’s difficult to estimate the exact cost of development as there are many factors that can influence it. Consider the features you require, third-party integrations and location of your outsourcing company.

You need to be able to estimate the development cost of your FinTech Solution if you want to create it. Online app cost calculators are available to estimate the cost of your Android and iOS apps. You only need to answer some questions based on your needs and you will get an estimate within minutes.

You have the numbers in your hands. Now, consult a reputable company to build an app that will generate great ROI.

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